ELL Parent, Teacher, and Student Resources

Resources For English Language Learners

For students: 


 For parents:

  1. v U.S. Department of Education Information for parents
  2. Information, activities and advice for Spanish speaking parents and educators of English Language learners
  3. Reading rockets  - resources for teaching reading to your children
  4. Here is a great resource:  A children’s digital library including books written in foreign languages.  You can’t download them, but you can read them on line.
  5. On line bilingual dictionaries:


For teachers:

  • Created for teachers by a teacher--This site was designed to help teachers find online lesson plans and resources more quickly and easily. It's one of the most popular Web destinations for teachers--more than 1 million visitors are counted each month at A to Z Teacher Stuff &! :)
  • Creates differentiated instruction and delivers it via the Net. Whether it’s with our student reading programs or our technology training for teachers, content always fits each user’s learning profile. This unique approach ensures that the needs of all learners are met, and that no one is left out or left behind.
  • The Internet's Meeting Place for ESL/EFL Students and Teachers from Around the World!
  • Sign up for free and get weekly lessons for LEP students.
  • Lots of lesson plan ideas for ELL teachers
  • Provides hundreds of pages of free English teaching and learning materials for both students and teachers. All resources are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access.
  • An ESL children's resource center for English teachers and parents. Over 1,000 flashcards, hundreds worksheets, lots of games, ESL job postings and lots, lots more!
  •  Illinois State Board of Education bilingual resources.
  • Free ESL lesson materials and ESL lesson plans. Printable worksheets for ESL classroom teaching. English grammar, pronunciation, board games, ESL books, flashcards, board games, song lyrics and more!
  • Free ESL Lesson Plans, Activities, Ideas & More...
  • On the teacher side, we provide you with loads of lesson plans and reproducible materials to use in class.  We also have discussion forums, ideas for communicative practice activities, a chat room, a job board, links, and more.
  • Featuring 54 lesson plans, 35 teaching tips, 185 downloadable classroom activities, 853 'Ask Judie' forum questions, and 58 resource picks, graphic organizers, tips for classroom teachers.
  • English games, songs and ideas.
  • Exercises, Web based Materials, Workshops and links for Teaching and Learning, WebQuests in English and Spanish
  • A web site created by a teacher to help ESL teachers. This site provides useful links.
  • Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists.
  • Graphic organizers links
  • Dr. Mary Lou McCloskey’s resources for professionals in English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Books and articles by Stephen Krashen, world-renowned second language acquisition expert.
  • This library consists of about 3000 images which we hope will be useful in the teaching of basic vocabulary in a variety of languages. The characters and objects depicted are as culturally neutral as we could make them. This is not a huge resource of graphics; its purpose is to provide a set of those graphics most basic and useful for low-level language-teaching, and at the same time, to make them as easily searchable as possible.
  • Bilingual education links
  • Second Language learning links
  • Center for Applied Linguistics - This website includes a variety of information on topics in Bilingual Education.  There is a whole section on Two-Way Bilingual research.  There are connections to contacts in the field, publications, and resources.  The site is very easy to navigate.  There is a long list in the directory of related issues, like ESL, foreign language and language testing.  A section on Frequently Asked Questions is available, which would be helpful to share with people who don't know much about Bilingual Education. 
  • Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition & Language Instruction Educational Programs -

    The U.S. Dept. of Ed. funds this organization.  This website contains information for bilingual parenting, ESL resources and teacher education.  There are links to professional organizations, current research in Bilingual Education, and state by state directories for colleges that offer courses for Bilingual Education teacher certification.  Federal legislation information is available, including details for Bilingual Education through "No Child Left Behind".  There are many links to publications involving bilingual education.

    • Association for Bilingual Education .This is the only national professional and advocacy membership organization dedicated to ensuring the quality of bilingual education to language minority children. This website contains information about NABE's competitions (bilingual teachers of the year, outstanding dissertations), their annual conference, and press releases regarding bilingual education.  There are links, resources and discussion forums available to anybody.  Discounts to conferences and a professional advocacy journal are available to members. 
  • MATSOL is a research-based professional association representing over 1,200 educators, and approximately 51,000 English language learners in our K-12 public schools. In addition, we represent English language learners, parents and educators in adult learning centers, higher education institutions and the workplace. Our primary work and mission focuses on advocating for the educational achievement and opportunities of English language learners and the professional development of ALL educators who serve English language learners.