A UOP for PRE-K/1(Reading Readiness Skills)


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Get ready to have some fun! You will have fun learning the letters of the alphabet while working cooperatively with your friends. Knowing the letters of the alphabet is important to beginning reading. 
In this lesson you will create an ABC book using a digital camera! As well as additional activities to keep you motivated!

PreK-1 within the areas of Language Arts/Reading.

 Language Arts/Reading

  • Identify and locate all letters of the alphabet
  • "Write" for a purpose
  • Form sound/letter relationships
Critical thinking and communicative skills are encouraged in these lessons through home school connection, Creative production, Observation and categorization, as well as cooperative learning.

Activity 1
Reinforcing Alphabet Names/Sounds:
Learn to identify and say letter name and come up with a word that begins with that letter sound.

1. Form a circle with your friends. Each of you will pick an alphabet letter out of a hat. When it is your turn, identify the letter and then give a word that begins with the letter sound.

2. After everyone in the circle has had a turn, place each letter on the floor in front of you and stand up.

3.A musical march will be played and you will begin to march around the alphabet circle until the music stops.When the music stops sit down by a new letter. Round and round you go, how many letters do you know?

Click on links below for fun alphabet activities!!!

You could also try using words, shapes, math facts, anything you want! You'll love this game!

Activity 11
Creative ABC Book:
You are about to become an author of your very own alphabet book! An alphabet book can be really fun and cute with lots of pictures. You will be taking pictures using a digital camera!

1.You will be assigned a letter of the alphabet. When you go home you will choose one item that begins with that letter to bring to school.("A" could bring a stuffed alligator, "R"could bring in a pet rabbit etc.)

2.You will stand with your selected item, and have your picture taken using a digital camera.

3.A selected group will print out each picture that was taken until they have letters A-Z.

4. Using  colored construction paper, you will select one 9x12 or 12x15 piece. (this will depend on what size book your class is making). Write your letter in capital and lowercase at the top left hand corner. You will be paired up with a partner to come up with a short 3-4 word sentence using your letter as the beginning sound of each word.(ex.Allie alligator ate ate apples.)

5. Find your picture and use glue on the edges and place it in the middle of the construction paper. As a class you will cooperatively make a title page then laminate for durability!

6. Using a hole puncher, punch three holes on the left side of each page (top, middle, bottom), and thread a ribbon through each, creating a wonderful Alphabet Book! 

Click on these links for some alphabet games!!!

You could draw pictures or find small items beginning with the letter that can be glued onto a the page (ex. Ll for leaves, Ff for flowers, Mm for macaroni. This is  exciting because it also gives you textures to explore!

For Reinforcing Alphabet Names/Sounds:

     *tape recorder
     *tape with musical march
     *alphabet cards (upper and lowercase)

For Creative ABC Book:

  *digital camera
  *formatted disk
  *colored construction paper
  *preselected item from child's home
  *copy machine
  *hole puncher

Cool Books
The Alphabet Tree
by Leo Lionni

From Acorn to Zoo
by Satoshi Kitamiura

ABC Yummy
by Lisa Jahn-Clough

Miss Spider's ABC
by David Kirk

Tomorrow's Alphabet
by George Shannon

A My Name is Alice
by Jane Bayer


You'll know these lessons are successful when the students begin to identify and locate all letters and sounds. They'll begin to display cooperative skills and increase their abilities in letter formation. Including the Name/Sound activity during your daily circle time will give you the opportunity to observe the children's progress in letter recognition as well as critical thinking, listening skills and turn taking. 
The Alphabet Book encourages the children to incorporate teamwork, home-school connection, writing, letter/sound relationships and ownership of their very own alphabet book. They will love reading it!!!

Lessons like these encourage and motivate young students in learning the alphabet along with their sounds, enabling them to increase reading readiness skills.
                   A is for Art
                   B is for Book
                   C is for children's creations in the making!

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