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bySylvia Smith and Joanna Medeiros

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Come visit us! The Town of Seekonk needs you - the Chamber of Commerce wants people from all over the world to see what Seekonk has to offer. You have been hired to work in teams to become experts on each of Seekonk's features. Your team will investigate, explore, and research a feature using online and off-line sources.

The Quest:

There will be five groups of investigators. There will be Historians, Legislators, Folklorists, Cartographers, and Economists. Each group will create a poster and provide a presentation to share with the other groups. With the information received from presentations, individuals will create brochures or visitor's guides that will be published and made available to the public!

The Process:

Step 1 - Using the internet and books available in class, each group will use their worksheet to record information about their topic.

Step 2 - Create a poster using the information gathered.

Step 3 - Prepare for an oral presentation to share your findings.

Step 4 - Once presentations are done, it's time to create those brochures and visitor's guides! After checking out the samples, deciding on which to make, and getting a packet from me, then do the fun part - make the brochure or visitor's guide that will show the world what a great place Seekonk really is!


Online Resources -

Democracy Project -
Massachusetts iProfile -
Maps & Globes -
Massachusetts -
Town Online -
Econopolis -
Immigration -

Off-line Resources -

The History of Seekonk by Frank Mooney
by Phyllis Dupere

Share Our World - Houghton Mifflin Textbook

Learning Advice:

*Take your time at each website reading the information carefully in order to find what you need. The information isn't going to pop out at you! *Each group member needs to do a share of the research and reporting. THERE ARE NO BOSSES! *Put information in your own words. Don't copy sentences from a site or book. *Don't worry too much about complete sentences, capitalization, or punctuation while your taking notes. You can go back later and check these things. *Do notice correct spelling of unfamiliar words. It would be a waste of time to go back again for spelling checks.


Oral presentation checklist Collaborative work rubric Brochure/Visitor's Guide rubric


Still hungry for information? You may want to go back to the Massachusetts and Seekonk websites, the Seekonk books that are available in class, go on a ride around town with a parent, check the local newspaper, or the phone book and come up with a list of fun things to do in Seekonk!

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