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Ocean Creatures Webquest

 Developed by Keri Steitz and Judy Sullivan





Ocean Adventure Introduction:


You are about to embark on an exploration into the deep oceans of the world.  We are very excited to have you and your partner, world renowned oceanographers, with us to research and present your findings about your discoveries.  You will report your findings about your ocean creature within a Hyperstudio presentation.



Essential Question:


How does an animal's adapations and habitat enable it to survive in the ocean?



1.  Choose an ocean creature which you would like to learn more about (one that is uncommon to you, is unique, and you no nothing about) from the "Choose an Ocean Creature" link at the top of the page.

2.  Once you have chosen your ocean creature, click on the "Ocean Creature Research Sites" link at the top of the page.

3.  After you have explored the web sites on your ocean creature, gather information for your presentation.  Place this information on the outline you received.


Ocean Creature's Name ____________________


A.  What ocean does your creature live in? B.  Does your ocean creature live in shallow water or deep water? Why? C.  Describe your ocean creatures habitat? (e.g.:  surroundings) D.  Does your ocean creature live alone or in a group?


A.  Color B.  Shape C.  Size D.  Body Parts E.  How does your creature move?


A.  What food does your creature eat? B.  How does your creature get its food?


After answering the questions above write a short paragraph explaining:

How does an animal's adapations and habitat enable it to survive in the ocean?
4.  After researching and collecting information on your ocean creature you will be designing a hyperstudio presentation.

5.  Create a 3-D poster of your ocean creature in its habitat.



Choose an Ocean Creature:


~ Dolphin ~ Great White Sharks ~ California Sea Lions ~ Sea Otter ~ Sea Star ~ Octopus ~ Jelly Fish ~ Sea Turtle ~ Manatee ~ Blue Whale ~ Sea Horse ~ Killer Whale


Ocean Creature Research Sites:

- Scholastic - Seaworld - NPCA
Great White Shark
- Seaworld - Aqua - Animal Diversity - NPCA - UCMP
California Sea Lions
- Seaworld - Cyberzoo - Zoo - Sazoo
Sea Otter
- Marine - Seaworld - Exhibit
Sea Star
- Underwater - Sea Star - Salt Animals
- NCPA - Marine Lab - Underwater - Octopus
Jelly Fish
- Plankton - Jellies - Jelly Fish
Sea Turtle
- NPCA - Underwater - Sea Turtle
- NPCA - Manatee - Homesafe - Environment
Blue Whale
- NPCA - Species - Fish - Blue Whale
Sea Horse
- Seaworld #1 - Seaworld #2 - Breeders
Killer Whale
- NPCA - Species - Discover





Group Research & Outline Rubric Part 1
Group Research & Outline Rubric Part 2
Hyperstudio Rubric
3-D Poster Rubric Part 1
3- D Poster Rubric Part 2

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