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    Our world is a very large place with many different land and water areas.  There are 7 continents, 4 major oceans, as well as many countries, rivers, and mountain ranges - and these are just some of the features of Earth!  If we expect to be able to travel around our world then we need to understand where these places are compared to where we are.  It is also important for us to know the difference between a country and a continent.  During this webquest you will work in small groups to become experts on one continent.  You will find out where the continent is in the world, name and give some information about 3 countries within it, as well as locate a major river and mountain range in that continent.  To do this, you will use resources online and off-line.  When you are done, you'll share your knowl edge with the class.

The Quest:
    The Rambling Voyager Travel Agency has many customers that would love to take a trip around the world.  There are 2 problems with this.  First, no one at the Rambling Voyager Travel Agency knows anything about the continents and countries in our world.  They need you!  You will be divided into 7 groups and given a passport to travel to one of the continents and gather information so that different world tours can be created.  Once you're done, you'll share this information with the class.     That's where the second problem comes in!  Each customer wants to see different things!  Some people want to visit places that have famous sites to see, some want to go on an adventure where they will river raft and mountain climb.  Still others want to visit the places where different sea creatures live and a few just want to enjoy some warm weather.  Rambling Voyager Travel Agency is asking for each of you to use the information gathered by the continent groups to create a world trip for one of these customers to enjoy.  They're counting on you!  Bon voyage!

The Process:

    Step 1 - Using the websites and books available in class, each group will find where their continent is in the world and gather information.  Use the Continent Information Page to do this.

    Step 2 - Use an outline of the continent to display the information.  Be careful, this will be your final copy.

    Step 3 - Prepare to share this information with the class.  Decide what each group member will say and do.  Practice, practice, practice, ...

    Step 4 - Once the presentations are done, each of you will be assigned to create a world tour for a group of Rambling Voyager customers!  Use the Trip Planner page.

    Step 5 - After you plan a trip for the customers assigned to you, then you will show it on a map and make a Kidspiration web on the computer to give to the Rambling Voyager Travel Agency.


    Online Resources -

The Seven Continents -

World -

    Offline Resources -

The World Book Encyclopedia of People and Places: Volumes 1-6  by World Book, Inc.
South America     by Mike Graf
Where Is My Country?     by Robin Nelson
Where Is My Continent?     by Robin Nelson
Earth In Action: Continents     by Tom Mariner
Geography Crafts for Kids     by Joe Rhatigan & Heather Smith
Discovering Antarctica: The Land     by June Loves
A World of Wonders     by J. Patrick Lewis
Places of the World     by Blackbirch Press
Canada: the land     by Bobbie Kalman
Children from Australia to Zimbabwe by Maya Ajmera & Anna Rhesa Versola
Geography of the World: Asia     by Deborah Grahame
Geography of the World: Africa     by Cynthia Klingel
Geography of the World: North America     by Dana Meachen Rau
Geography of the World: South America     by Myra Weatherly
Geography of the World: Europe     by Cynthia Klingel
Geography of the World: Australia     by Barbara A. Somervill
Europe     by Mike Graf
Blackbirch Kid's Visual Reference of the World      by Blackbirch Press



    Oral Presentation Checklist
    Collaborative Work Rubric    
    World Trip Rubric

      So, you want to explore more?  You might want to visit the websites again or take another look at the books to come up with a list of countries to visit for a reason of your own!  Happy hunting!

Teacher Page:

     For copies of the worksheets, checklists, and rubrics to use throughout the project, send an email request to

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